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Prem Shunya

🌙 Shunya: The dreamer, believer and doer behind Ahamta Retreats in Bali and Studio in Romania, she’s on her path of conecting and empowering people to live the truth of their lifes in harmony with elements, nature and others.
She has a holistic approach of living and a passion for a profound understanding of the human body, mind and its boundlless energy. Her knowledge helped her heal naturally and also transformed the lives of many people who worked with her among time.
Some of the skills and expertise among with experience she gained from certifications in Yoga & Ayurveda, 5elements& TCM, Theta Healing, Primal deconditioning work, Alchemical healing, OSHO® Active Meditations, Self Hypnosis for Meditation.


“…the natural healer: he never leads you, he never follows you, he accompanies you. He simply holds your hand; he is a friend.” – Osho


Is passionate about teaching yoga and raising awareness of the multifaceted benefits of a yogic lifestyle. Adnya’s teaching style includes an emphasis on balance and holistically engaging in the practice of yoga to achieve a better way of living. She embarked on her yogic journey after experiencing problems with her stomach and physical health. Almost immediately after getting started in yoga, Adnya began to feel an improvement in her physical, mental and emotional health and sharing this path with the others became a natural process.

Manuel Joseph Kugler

Imagine there is a trusted advisor in your life, helping you overcome all the limitations and unveiling the inner gifts you bring for your life and the lives of many others. Manuel is a profound mentor, healer, and guide for people who are willing to BE what they already are but have forgotten how to access. In the classes, 1-1s, and camps he co-facilitates, deep healing and access to your inner knowledge will occur. He is helping foremost the dreamers, future healers, coaches, and people who are here to fundamentally change their reality and therefore the realities of many other people. Coming from Germany he‘s currently living in Ubud, Bali.

Handy Waluyo

I began my yoga journey in 2011. Initially yoga was an activity I used to complete muscular recovery from strength and resistance training at the gym. At the beginning the asana classes brought benefits of stretching and movement. My newly found curiosity of yoga then led me to discoveries. My flexibility began to improve and so did my muscle tone and core strength. Soon yoga revealed to me improving health, blood flow, immune responses, significant changes in a cluttered and distracted mind.

After a few classes I felt rather centered and Zen-like. My sleeping cycles improved bringing an awakened feeling of rest and recharging for the productive day in front of me.  Indeed, there is a new embodiment of contentment.

These years I have trained in many workshops learning asanas that benefit spinal health.  My training list and experiences are in acro yoga, ashtanga, yin yoga, watsu healing dance, aerial yoga, ayurvedic, TRX, sound healing, and acupressure techniques.



He is one of the radiant retreat leaders that will guide your transformative journey in Bali.He is a soulful leader, here to accompany you on your journey towards transformation and enlightenment. His guidance will bring the essence of Kundalini Yoga and meditation to the life practice. More than a guide, but a devoted disciple of Master Arsana, and his own experience and knowledge is deeply rooted in Balinese spiritual wisdom.

Under Arta’s guidance you will embark in a profound journey where the dormant energy within you will be awakened. His meditation sessions are a gateway to inner stillness, clarity and emotional balance.
His teachings will connect you to the island’s spiritual essence and help you explore more of the culture, rituals and traditions, enhancing this retreat experience.


Shakti Soul Alignment Activation Journey (utilizing sound, voice, breath, movement)

* Partners practices to explore stories we hold as woman in relationship to our bodies (breasts, belly and yoni) – Inner Child healing work to heal and transmute these stories

* Rewriting the story as they move through the retreat to share at closing ceremony. At closing ceremony they can declare the new soul aligned truth of the relationship they now have and choose to have with their bodies and who they are as woman!

* Also in closing ceremony Roses of Appreciation blessing over each sister * Yoni Sounding (exploring the voice of the Yoni)

* Yoni Sunning ( letting the light shine down and IN the yoni as a sacred practice to upgrade our DNA and our Yoni Power)

* Yoni Gazing ( to truly see the most INNER part of ourselves & the Multidimentioanl Cosmic Portal to God we are with awareness, acceptance and love)

* Yoni Touch ( non sexual touch to get to know what the Yoni feels like, where she is numb, where she holds pain and brings healing love and light to these areas with our own hands and fingers) potential allowing it to lead to a manifestation pleasure ritual.