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Retreat Retreat calendar Duration Price
Temple Tours & Yoga Completed    
Cultural & Spiritual Tours Completed    
Unplug, Reset, Restore Retreat 24-31 March 2024 7 Nights 850€
Kriya & Osho Meditation (Romanian) 24-31 March 2024 7 Nights 1600€
The temple of life, lucrul cu cele 4 elemente ( Romanian ) 12-19 May 2024 7 Nights 1600€


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Explore Bali with a Spiritual Touch

  • Immersive cultural discoveriesEmbark on a journey of cultural exploration, experiencing the unique traditions and vibrant heritage of the local community.
  • AccommodationDiscover tranquility in our traditional and cozy accommodations, designed to provide a relaxing retreat during your stay.
  • Create moments to cherish foreverCreate unforgettable memories as you participate in captivating activities and establish meaningful connections within an enchanting environment.